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,These clogs, however, are what you typically find in tourist shops all throughout the Netherlands.Fortunately for those of us who would rather not look like we raided Minnie Mouse’s shoe stash, companies like Dansko have progressed in the aesthetic modernity department. Their wooden-soled clogs are orthopedically shaped, curving to support your natural arch and give you improved posture. Who says anymore that pain is beauty? It certainly doesn’t have to be in Dansko sandals.I remember my first encounter withThe North Face boots. It was 2003, and I had just moved north from San Antonio to Plano, Texas (an offshoot of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex) to attend school at the University of Texas at Dallas. Let me put it as plainly as possible: Texas is hot. Like, unholy-hot. I’m not saying this to bash my home state at all–I actually find myself feeling nostalgic for parts of it as years away pass by. It’s just a fact. Sure, we may have seen the thermometer dip into the teens in the winter, and we’d get snow that stuck about once every ten years. But in the summer? Well over 100°…from about June through September. Just ridiculous.,Horween – in my opinion, is one of the highest quality leathers available. Horween has been creating their beautiful product generation after generation for over 100 years – since 1905. They took the stand to never cutting corners – their focus has always been on quality… and it shows. In fact, one of the leathers we use was developed 100 years ago.,When I was a tyke living in Germany, we’d often go Volksmarching (the “v” makes an “f” sound, from the German Volksmarsch, meaning “people’s march) through the woods, and my parents would always pack a snack to keep me energized on the 10 km trek. By “energized,” I mean “motivated.” And by “motivated,” I mean “bribed.” Haribo gummy bears usually did the trick, and to a 4 year-old, that little amount of sugar probably did legitimately give me energy.,
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